"'I have never really fit into a pre-defined mold,' Contreras notes. 'I wasn't
typically what you thought of when you pictured an artist.
I was a jock. I was an athlete, but at the same time I was an artist.'"

The talented artist behind the FURM collection, Felipe Contreras makes a statement wherever he goes. In the newest edition of bilingual magazine, Vida Social,  Mad Meg's favorite artist, Felipe, not only landed an entire spread, but also the cover!

Within his spread, Felipe explains his upbringing in both New Jersey and Columbia, and the balance between being a jock and an artist. Post high school, Felipe decided to join the Marines and college following his service. Because of this, Felipe found inspiration for his works and implemented it as his own outlet.

Felipe's focuses within his art include his Caution Series (see above), Word Paintings, Sculptures, Merica, Collage, Best of Life, and FURM

Felipe's work can currently be found in the Eperson Gallery. 
Congratulations, Felipe!