Parenting coach, author of Amazon Bestseller Am I screwing Up My Kids (purchase it here!), and all-around badass Randi Rubenstein (and one of our fave clients!) sat down with an intimate group of Houston bloggers and influencers to chat about the joys and challenges of motherhood. 

Blockhouse Coffee (opening soon in Richmond, TX) and Bare Bakery (desserts free of gluten, grains, and refined sugars) were kind enough to provide the most delicious spread. Look at those treats! You'd never guess they were healthy.

As we dug in, Randi led the group in discussion on the Conscious Parenting tools she's learned throughout the years while raising her own three kids. Amidst answering our hard questions, all heads in the room were nodding in awe and understanding of her brilliant solutions.

Let's just say, the event felt less like an event and more like one fascinating book club among friends--except with, you know, REAL TALK.

Before we knew it, three hours had passed. (Time flies when you're having fun.) 

Check out Randi's site and upcoming workshops here!