Mad Meg is hiring a winter intern!

Interested in what that might look like? Read the following essay by St. Andrews student and former Mad Meg intern, Sara Nelson, about her experience this past summer.

Interested applicants can check out the full job description here and send your resume to Alyssa Evans at

by Sara Nelson

Sprawled on a chaise lounge in a cocktail dress looking like a modern day Marylin Monroe, a handsome stranger hands me a small gold envelope, inside written in fine cursive was a cordial invitation to join Megan Silianoff as an intern at Mad Meg PR, from that moment on my future was forever changed.

This is not what happened, but the email that flew into my inbox regarding this information was pretty great too. I reached out to Megan on a whim after reading her blog post about looking for an intern and voilà, here I am 3 months later.  As an avid reader of Megan’s personal blog Greeting From TX and admirer of her personality in general, I was psyched to spend the summer working with her and I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of it.

As a learning experience I have benefited exponentially, seeing the ins and out of managing accounts, attending meetings with clients, writing copy, and fine tuning my skills with sites like Squarespace and Blogger. I love being busy when I’m there, sometimes internships involving a lot of sitting around feeling useless so it’s been nice to feel like an important aspect of a project or idea. Megan as my boss was also a huge perk. She is straightforward about what she needs from me and with her clients about what she can do for them. This professional transparency is refreshing from previous experiences I’ve had and witnessed with others. She is unapologetically herself and carries this boldness into her work that brings uniqueness in her approach to PR. Staring this internship I didn’t have a clear idea of what I would want to do in the future after I graduate and this experience brought a lot of clarity. Having a front row seat and actual part in growing Mad Meg Creative has been so fun and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.  

We made messes, set off fire alarms, and did good work in the process, thanks for an incredible summer! Keep it real Mad Meg , you’re gonna be great.