Social media management requires a a plan, a focus, and a strategy.  Not all platforms are created equal. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat - each tells a different story, has a different audience, and delivers your message in a different way. And, each need tender love and care that WE know how to give. 

Our flat-fee, monthly social media packages are very transparent. You know what platforms we will utilize, exactly how many posts you get on each platform a week, the content we will focus on based on your business objectives, and the success of our social media efforts at the end of the month through a Return on Investment Report. 

No matter your budget, you get the following:


We'll set up your social profiles, brand them with your logo, and write a bio line that is sure to make a good first impression. We might throw in a few emojis too for good measure ❤️ 🍕 

Custom, Branded Designs

Our social media packages come with a style/brand guide, so that your feed has a cohesive look and feel and can be adhered to throughout your brand’s existence.


Rave reviews from influencers can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for a brand —but it has to be genuine. We will reach out to established bloggers and influencers who we've worked with in the past and we trust to spread your message.

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Ready to launch a social media ad campaign? We'll target the right people based on your customer demographic and interests, choose a promotional method that is the best fit for the content, and measure the success of your ads through powerful analytics.  


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) simply put is how your business is ranked on Google based on keywords you use on your website and social media. True story! We'll keep your social media updated with content that gives credibility to your business, i.e. Google will be encouraged to rank your business higher in a search! 



Remember what we said about SEO? Blogging is a great, organic tool to help improve your search rank. We'll write in your voice and about content that is authentic to your brand, all while keeping keywords and SEO in mind. Take that, Google! 


Sending out a newsletter is a component of social media that oftentimes gets put on the back burner. Traditional social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is used to attract new clients, newsletters keep you in touch with your current clients. #important. Let us do the legwork!