Each week we share what we are currently fangirling over, and this week we're letting our clients share their picks! We even have a fanboy this week! Check out to see what these creatives are currently crushing on!

Christine Hassler's Over it and On With It Podcast

Christine is a masterful coach and hearing her help people see a solution to their problems is always helpful and applicable to something in my own life.

Mango Habanero Chicken Wings

Honestly, I love these from Buffalo Wild Wings and I try to eat some every week! 

The Gibbonses

I'm so excited to see one of my favorite local bands perform at Rice Village's new Summer Sessions in the Plaza!

Beautycounter's Dew Skin

I love the dew skin, its a tinted moisturizer with 20 SPF!  A necessity in the summer!

Morning Grind with Aimee Frederick

Rise and shine & grab a cup o' joe for today's morning blend
 Today we hang out with the lady of the (early) hour, Aimee Frederick, owner of Blockhouse Coffee + Kitchen. Tag along as we get ready with Aimee (and her daughter Caroline!) while getting her buzz worthy tips for starting your morning on the right foot.  


Morning Aimee! Thanks for letting us stop by and spend the a.m. with you! What time do you typically wake up? 

Between 5:00AM – 6:00AM. I savor those quiet morning hours when the rest of my fam is still sleeping!

We feel like we can’t even start this interview until we know how you take your coffee. Coffee order…Go!

I like to try whatever a shop is serving on their slow bar. My first choice is always a pourover (Kalita and Chemex are my faves), but if that’s not available, I get an Americano, stout.

What’s your go to breakfast to make...or pick up ;)

I absolutely love when I make time for a whole juice smoothie. I have an arsenal of recipes I’ve been perfecting for years, and I usually have enough ingredients on hand to whip up something delicious.

What's your one morning ritual that you can’t have a good day without.

Meditating. Hands down. If I don’t spend at least 10 minutes in the morning with my breath, I’m off-center the rest of the day.

Do you and Caroline have any rituals in the morning together?

Hmm…letting her sleep in as long as possible. She hates going to bed, but can sleep ‘til 11:00 like a teenager. High School is going to be rough!!

3 things you can’t live without in the AM.

Meditating, making a pourover, and reading a book. Even if it’s just a few pages.

What’s your daily uniform? 

If I have a meeting - skinny jeans, my Vince slip-ons, and an Everlane pocket tee. No meetings – black tights and a T-shirt.

Congratulations on a successful block party grand opening for Blockhouse! What are you most excited about coming up with the first year of opening? 

I love how people are really grasping the concept of Blockhouse. It’s important we put coffee first – we want to be the best shop in Fort Bend, with fantastic drinks and friendly baristas - but we are also aspiring to be an aggregator of creativity in our area. Our suburbs – Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Rosenberg - haven’t had a place of business that attracts creatives the way we’re trying to, and it already seems to be working. People will stop to tell me why they love Blockhouse, and they basically describe the reasons I wanted to open the shop in the first place – community and connection. This tells me people are picking up what we’re putting down, and that’s incredibly encouraging.

What’s one misconception about working in the restaurant biz?

Gosh…there are so many, where to begin? I don’t think people realize how fun it can be. If you’re social, and you love making people feel special, hospitality can be an extremely fulfilling career. But, if you aren’t already in the industry, owning or running a restaurant is more complicated than people think. So, yes it’s a blast, but I don’t recommend trying it without a tight-knit, diverse-skilled team.

Community is a big part of the Blockhouse way, what’s one or two of your favorite spots to hang out outside of Blockhouse?

I haven’t been out much since we opened, but before that, I was really attracted to the vibe at Cafeza. The staff seems to go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome, which tells me the place is owned and managed by people who care. “Cool” spaces are only well-furnished rooms without awesome people, so I always pick up on if the staff is enjoying what they do. And second, if I had more time I’d hang out at Vino & Vinyl – the owner, Paul, is a regular of ours and he is pure gold.

Love that painting in your home, we hear that Blockhouse is entering the art scene. Tell us about this new concept!

Yeah! Art is and will become a big part of Blockhouse. For opening, we didn’t have a lot of things to fill our walls, so I asked an artist friend, Matt Manalo, if we could borrow some of his work until we settled on more permanent art. Matt is now being commissioned to create a custom piece to illustrate why we chose the name Blockhouse, and will replace one of the borrowed pieces currently hanging on the wall. Matt will construct the artwork from small items contributed by our Blockhouse community. Matt will create the piece in August and September, and his work will be revealed at an art fair we’re hosting on September 30!


Each week the ladies of Mad Meg share what they are currently fangirling over. Whether it is an under the radar podcast, beauty product, or anything else that they're randomly obsessed with, make sure to check in every Friday to stay in the know about cool stuff!

Adult Slushie Stops

Anyone up for a frozen drink bar crawl? If so, check out this killer guide by the Chron!

Altar'd State

I've never been in this Rice Village store before, but holy sh!t! It felt very Anthro/Free People but with a lower price point. One word: Obsessed!

The Giving Keys

I love having this constant reminder to take risks and embrace the ebbs and flows of life. It's even more sentimental to me that my mentor/friend Jillian Goltzman gifted it to me. Side note, Cup of Charisma is where it's at! 


Refinery29's How Stuff Is Made Series

I could get lost watching this series, but my favorite episode was watching how they make the #1 selling bronzer, Hoola by Benefit. 



Maybe she's born with it...or maybe it's her aesthetician! It's not often you get to sit down and talk beauty and skincare with an expert, so today we're putting the face behind MiriEffect Skincare, Onyi Eruchalu, under the microscope to unmask her secrets! 

Hey Onyi, cool name! Where did the name “Onyi” come from? 
Thank you! Onyi means God's Gift. It hails from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. #IgboKwenu! 

The hammam, or Turkish bath, is the Islamic variant of the Roman bath, sauna, or steam bath. 

The hammam, or Turkish bath, is the Islamic variant of the Roman bath, sauna, or steam bath. 

What is the attitude regarding beauty in Nigeria?
Nigerians love ALL things beauty - hair, nails, skincare, lashes. You name it, they love it and will travel near and far to get it. Some of the best spas in West Africa are in Lagos and Abuja with influences from the diverse population such as hammams and ayurvedic treatments. I experienced the hammam for the first time in January during my last visit and left feeling like my skin was reborn. Believe it or not, the best nail techs that I've encountered when I visit are men whether I'm in Lagos or Owerri. Don't believe what you've heard about Nigeria, "We the best" in *DJ Khaled Voice*. We're the giant of Africa for a reason!

Tell us about your daily skincare routine.
I perform a double cleanse morning and night to ensure I've removed the makeup/debris that clogs pores. Once my skin is cleansed, I apply a toner to rebalance the pH level of my skin. After toning, I apply my antioxidant serums, moisturizer, and sunscreen (during the day). At night, I apply my retinol serum after cleansing. Since the weather has warmed up, I use my serums as a moisturizer since they are lighter then apply sunscreen on top of it. Twice a week, I exfoliate my skin with either an enzyme treatment, scrub, or my Clarisonic brush. I apply a mask and under-eye treatment once a week. And yes, the Aesthetician gets a facial treatment once a month - my current favorites are microdermabrasion, ultrasound, and dermaplaning. 

Do you wear makeup? If so, what do you wear?
I wear makeup but my philosophy is fuss-free. I don't have time to spend contouring and highlighting. So, on a daily basis, I stick to lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. I love any Nars lipstick, and my go-to colors are Pigalle, Charlotte, Fire Down Below. I alternate between YSL or Maybelline mascara. If I'm heading for a night out or special event, I'll wear a light foundation or concealer, and some blush. My current collection of makeup products includes Nars, Tarte, Kat Von D, YSL, Maybelline, and Anastasia Beverly Hills

What is the one product you can’t live without?
Well, I don't know if I can name just one. The SkinScript Green Tea Cleanser and the PCA Skin C-Quench Antioxidant Serum are my must haves. The cleanser is gel-based, eliminates surface oil and acne-causing bacteria, leaving my skin squeaky clean. The serum is part of my anti-aging arsenal. It protects against free radicals and leaves my skin soft and glowing. 

What’s your favorite place to shop beauty products?
Since I use professional skin care products, I purchase them directly through the manufacturer. Industry trade shows are another favorite place to shop for products. It's beauty heaven! The best in skincare, hair, nail products all in one place at discounted prices. But I do enjoy the occasional run to Ulta or Sephora


We know how you feel about the importance of sunscreen. Preach for us girl!
I can't say it enough but sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature aging of the skin. Sun exposure leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, sun spots, and even worse skin cancer. I'm amazed at how many people do not wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Everyone should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 that protects against both UVB (sunburn/skin cancer) and UVA (wrinkle-causing) rays. If you're outside for longer than two hours, reapply it. Even on a cloudy day, 80% of the sun's ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds. My fav is SkinScript Sheer Protection SPF 30 - I use this and sell it in the studio.  

We know you’re an aesthetician, are you equally as interested in other areas of beauty i.e. lashes, nails, hair, etc.?
While I enjoy getting my nails done, I absolutely live for pedicures and massages. Thai massages are my favorite and what I like to call "Assisted Yoga" because of how intense the stretches are. My fav mani/pedi and massage spots are in Sugar Land. As far as my hair, I tend to switch up my hairstyles - I've been super short, shoulder-length, and longer. However, during the summer I enjoy rocking various braided styles because I enjoy the versatility. Stay tuned for my Summer '17 styles! 


Tell us about your studio, MiriEffect Skincare. How did it come to be and what is your philosophy behind it?
I've been receiving facials consistently for over 15 years, and always knew that I wanted to own a business in the spa/wellness industry. Clearly they're working because I still get carded! My philosophy is simple - Radiant skin starts from within and requires consistency. My goal is to understand the lifestyle of each client in order to provide the appropriate treatment and recommend an effective at-home regimen. Our skin is our representative, we must take care of it. 

So your studio is located in Stafford, but what are some of your favorite haunts in both Stafford and Houston? 
 I can't believe I've lived here for 10 years! Some of my favorite places to eat are brunchin' at Jupiter Pizza & Waffles, Quattro at Four Seasons, or Cool Runnings (who doesn't love a mom and pop Jamaican restaurant with delicious Jerk wings?). Happy Hour at Keeper's Japanese, Cru Wine, The Tasting Room. Dinner at Del Frisco's (the staff is super accommodating and friendly), Truluck's (crab cake reminds me of the DMV), or Steak 48 (Chilean Seabass is everything). Spa day at ZaSpa at Hotel Zaza. When I'm not enjoying delicious eats, I like to keep fit at the gym, running the trails at either University Park or Oyster Creek Park, or checking out a Bikram Yoga class. Leisure time or me time calls for a trip to MFAH to check out new/old exhibitions and films. Miller Outdoor Theatre and Discovery Green are great this time of year to check out live performances (when the humidity allows). I visited the Smart Financial Centre earlier this year at the open house and I'm excited to check out a show later this year. 


Each week we share what we are currently fangirling over, except for this week when we're letting our favorite Houston bloggers preach! Check out to see what these tastemakers are currently crushing on!


One of my favs right now are the May Designs notebooks! I am a pen & paper kinda girl and lately I haven't left my house without one of these notebooks in my purse. They have the cutest designs!



With our baby boy arriving soon in July I've been obsessed with buying cute outfits at Target: from bow ties to blazers, this blogger baby is going to be the most stylish kid on Instagram! Shopping has never been more fun!



I'm currently loving COLORES by WedToWhite collection Ixtapa Earrings (but basically every single piece). I am a huge fan of the evil eye and this fun colorful earring is perfect for summer! 


My favorite of all places is a tiny home that is over 100yrs old that has been converted into a retail shop called Little Eclectic House.

It’s one of the first stores I found when I moved to Houston; a special place filled with unique new and old items. I love supporting them as they give back to the community helping several local non-profit organizations.


The Founder Poster Square.jpg

Both Megan and I watched The Founder over the weekend, a movie based on the true story of how the McDonalds empire got its start in the 1950’s.  Michael Keaton's performance was awesome (albeit his character was a real a-hole) and we give the flick 5 stars!

The movie’s entrepreneurial storyline and spirit, however, is what really gave us the feels.  The opening scene tells it all. A struggling businessman peddling his milkshake mixers from drive-in restaurant to drive-in restaurant. With lots of“no’s” and slammed doors, he carries on in hopes of making a sale and knowing that he will soon get his big break. 
Non-Spoiler alert: McDonalds ends up making it big! =)

I watched the movie with my boyfriend Jon who works at a real estate investment firm. It’s fitting that his favorite line in the movie was also the epiphany on how Ray Croc (Keaton’s character) would transform his organization. “You aren’t in the burger business, you’re in the real estate business.” 

Downside of the movie? The craving you’ll have for a cheeseburger and fries upon the closing credits is REALLLLLL.

Happy Viewing,


Each week the ladies of Mad Meg share what they are currently fangirling over. Whether it is an under the radar podcast, beauty product, or anything else that they're randomly obsessed with, make sure to check in every Friday to stay in the know about cool stuff!

Floral Wallpaper

Urban Outfitters has so many good wallpapers that even my garage is going to be decorated!


When telephone and pictionary have a baby...totally addictive game

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.46.01 AM.png

My IRL Crush

My crush of the week is my crush in real life - my boyfriend Jon! We were set up on a blind date by famous blogger Julie Lauren (thanks Juju 😘)! #cheesy 

Custom Stories

Snapchat now lets you set up custom stories that let you pick and choose who can add to it. I can't wait to use it on my next trip!


Each week the ladies of Mad Meg share their favorite picks of what they are currently fangirling over. Whether it is an under the radar podcast or a product on the cusp of making it on Allure's Best of Beauty list, make sure to check in every Friday to stay in the know about cool stuff!

erin o.jpg

Stephanie Sheppard on Refinery29

"If you keep up with one of them, you've gotta keep up with all of them. I love getting the juicy details from Kim Kardashian's personal assistant."


Download this app now, ladies! I had them come to my house this week and it was such a luxury and my blowout lasted 5 days. 


Overheard at Brasserie 19


"I love that I've found an Instagram account as catty as my inner thoughts."

Harry Styles on The Late Late Show 

"Can't complain when it's 5 days of Harry and James! Plus their Carpool Karaoke is the best one yet!"








Welcome to Mad Meg Magazine - our new lifestyle blog! We thought it would be appropriate for our debut interview to be with our owner and creative director, Megan Silianoff. Between her critically acclaimed 2013 memoir, 5 year blogging run, and more recent career profile in The Everygirl, Megan’s life, has been pretty well documented. The ins and outs of her life these days, at least when not being “Mad Meg", are less transparent. Read below to check in with Megan about what she’s up to when not saving the world one creative service at a time.

Hey Megan! Looks like you’ve moved recently. Cool new digs!
Thanks! Yes - I moved a few months ago and love my new neighborhood. Macy’s incumbent school and elementary school, when she starts, are both within walking distance. Not that I walk it or plan to walk it. But the proximity is comforting should I ever run out of gas or something. I also live walking distance to a Specs which is convenient.


fuck yes.jpg


What’s your favorite things about your new house?
I made this "Fuck Yes or No" poster at Vistaprint that turned out cute and have made made it in other colors for friends. "The Law of Fuck Yes or No" is the title of one of my favorite Mark Manson essays which is an approach he advises taking to romantic relationships specifically.  But I think its equally applicable to life in general;  a new business idea, shopping for clothes, a social invitation to do something, etc. If the answer to whatever I'm considering isn't a 100% enthusiastic, passionate "Fuck Yes" then the answer is no.

How’s Mace doing? 
She’s great. She’s obsessed with Hatchimals. She’s less interested in soccer which is unfortunate given she’s currently on a team and has a weekly practice and a game. Her Dad is the coach though and its been such a great experience. She even scored a goal a few weeks ago - for the wrong team, but still! 

How’s biz going?
It’s going well. We recently hired our fourth, full-time employee. She is our PR Director - so we now have a director over each one of our biggest divisions; web design, social media management, and public relations. It’s allowed me to give more focus and attention to other facets of the business that were getting neglected- like my accounting practices for example. Shout out to my accountant Gary Shuffman at Wasserman and Associates. There's no possible way that I'm not his most annoying client.

Tell us about Tuesday Brunch.
Yes! The elevator pitch is that Tuesday Brunch is a cool and compelling web series talking about ovarian cancer in a new way. My bestie, Buck Dodson and I, are “hosting” it. We shot most of it last month and traveled from Houston, Austin, and Dallas in the span of three days to do so. I’m so over talking about ovarian cancer in terms of my personal story but having a conversation with a bunch of cool people (like fashion designer David Peck and lifestyle blogger Candace Thomas) with various connections to OC, has renewed my passion for cultivating awareness.

What does Mad Meg mean for Greetings from Texas or your books? Do you plan to ever go back to blogging or write another book again soon?
I don’t think so - not at least for now. Blogging has changed - it’s such a saturated marketplace now. It makes it a little less fun and harder to justify that you're content is needed or original.  More so than that though, I’m pouring every ounce of creativity I have into Mad Meg so I don’t anything left over to give to Greetings from Texas. As far as another book - I’m sure one day. I miss writing. But not anytime soon. 

Anything coming up for Mad Meg that you’re excited about?
Sure! A lot of fun things. We have a Fathers Day Gift Idea segment next month on Great Day Houston, comprised of a bunch of our clients like Suitsupply and 18|8 salon. We also have the 2nd annual Blogger Crawl coming up at Market Street on so we’ll begin working on that soon.  Andrea Levoff also has tons of cool stuff in the works; she’s coming to The Woodlands to do a Dope Ass Mom Summit among other things!