Clients don't understand their success is reliant on standing out, not fitting in..png

What is "Mad Meg"?
Mad Meg is a boutique creative services firm specializing in public relations, web design, social media management, branding and other creative services. 

Why are you named Mad Meg? 
Because our founder's name is Meg and it's a play on the show Mad Men. Don Draper is our muse as he made the work we do on a daily basis seem sexy and fun.

But you don't drink on the job do you?
Only on Tuesdays.

What separates Mad Meg from other PR & marketing firms I'm considering?
Because we've been in your shoes. Mad Meg is the firm which founder Megan Silianoff had wished existed when she was looking for PR help earlier in her writing career.  Megan couldn't find a PR firm that didn't charge a hefty retainer nor one that would truly tailor a campaign based on her modest needs.  

At Mad Meg we understand creative entrepreneurs don't have deep corporate pockets and need to get the most bang for their buck. Our campaigns are 100% transparent and outlined so you know EXACTLY what we're doing and when.

Where are you located? 
In Houston, Texas USA, but the nature of our work can be done from anywhere.